Life Hack Your Gas Water Heater

Life Hacks for Your Gas Water Heater

Homeowners and tenants alike tend to shy away from gas water heater issues. This blog outlines some troubleshooting tips to “hack” your gas hot water heater experience.

Disclaimer: Only a licensed gas fitter should perform repairs on gas hot water tanks.

No Hot Water Hack:

First, make sure you have paid your gas bill. Next, check the pilot light. The pilot light is used to ignite gas that heats the water. Your water heater pilot light will be visible at the bottom of the tank near the ground level, or it may be visible through a sight window. If the pilot is not lit, you will have no hot water. Follow your manufacturer directions to re-light your pilot light. Newer tanks will typically have an easy-to-use pilot switch on the gas valve assembly (the part where you control the temperature). For households and businesses also, heating homes and offices during the winter can become quite costly also, unfortunately, house owners don’t have the same luxury as businesses do with the likes of Business Gas utility packages, for cheaper monthly rates. When it comes to heating your home – if possible, use blankets and clothing instead of your heating to save extra money.

If the pilot will not light, or it lights and then shuts off soon after, you may have an issue with your water heater thermocouple or the gas valve on your hot water tank. One or both of these parts may need to be replaced. John Wood water heaters have a specific safety part called a combustion switch which may have tripped. This can prevent the pilot from lighting. Call a licensed professional to let them know that your pilot won’t re-light.

Pro Tip: Have your water heater brand, model and serial number on hand so they can check for parts warranty validation.

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