Water Heater Maintenance

Myth: Water Heaters Don’t Need Maintenance

“Our drinking water is clean so my water heater doesn’t need maintenance.”

Myth #8: Tanks only store water so they don’t need to be cleaned.

As water travels into your water heater, it brings in different types of sediment from the city water. Some sediment flows through your faucets and water fixtures, while the rest settles to the bottom of the tank, eventually causing corrosion and leaks.

Luckily, there is a way to clean your water heater which can help prevent this. Behold the tank flush! Having your tank flushed helps to remove the sediment in the tank and allows you to refresh the quality of your drinking, bathing, and washing water. It can also add to your hot water tank’s life! Although a tank flush is not exactly like the fountain of youth, it will help you get more bang for your buck and maintain your water heater’s operational efficiency.

You can read more about water heater maintenance on our website.

hot water heater maintenance

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