High Efficiency Water Heaters

High Efficiency Water Heaters

High efficiency water heaters are chic and popular. For people who use a lot of water, have a large family, or in commercial settings, high efficiency water heaters are great.

High efficiency water heaters also come in many different styles, from storage tanks with different inner components to small tankless water heaters and combi boilers to provide heat and hot water.

With more people making an effort to live a greener, more environmentally friendly lifestyle with a smaller carbon footprint, high efficiency tanks are a great choice for change in your home plumbing system. While the initial installation has a higher price tag than a storage tank, high efficiency water heaters will make your money back in the savings from their efficiency.

You can save money and save the environment at the same time!

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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater units have only become better known in North American over the last 20 years, but they have been around much longer in other parts of the world. Tankless units last twice as long as a storage tank, and you can stretch their lifespan by having them serviced annually.

A deciding factor for many when for switching to tankless is the investment cost. They cost more than a standard or high efficiency storage hot water heater to install, but the payoff can be big.

You may wonder can I have hot water without a big tank to heat and store it? Yes you can. Tankless water heaters offer continuous hot water and high efficiency due to their internal components and the fact that they do not store any hot water which cools over time in a storage tank.

Picture this: A family member takes a shower, followed by another person having a bath, and then you go to have your own shower only to find that BRR, there’s no hot water. This lack of hot water is due to your traditional tank not having enough hot water stored and ready for use. Once all of the hot water is used, it takes time to refill and reheat. This is the cause of most hot water tank grief. Enter: the tankless water heater- a water heater setup that requires no traditional storage tank.

How is the water heated? The inside of the unit has a part called a heat exchanger which heats water as it runs through the unit. No water is ever sitting inside the unit, except for what may reside in the exchanger. Tankless systems are great for larger families or families with high water usage. You’ll never have a coldbath with a tankless!

Because the water is continuous and heats up as you need it, there is a short lag to get the hot water to your plumbing fixture, as compared to a storage tank. However, once you have it, the hot water is endless. You can also add a recirculation system to your tankless water heater to have that instant-hot, on-demand hot water experience.

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High Efficiency Storage Tanks

For some home and business, high efficiency storage tanks may be a better option than going tankless. High efficiency storage tanks are made like traditional tank style water heaters, but they provide hot water at a lover energy cost. Thus, they save you money and cost less than its tankless counterpart.

The high efficiency storage tank brands that we offer have a variety of tank efficiencies. Traditional tanks are all manufactured similarly, however their components are what makes the difference between the energy efficiency rating of a standard tank and an EnergyStar certified high efficiency water heater.

High efficiency storage tank water heaters use a mix of electricity and gas to heat the water, which is how they remain efficient. When you choose to install one of these water heaters, be aware that you may want to invest in a backup power source in the event of a power outage.

EnergyStar tanks are especially great in times of home renovation. Between the upgrade credits, grants, and rebates that are available, after your rebate you would be paying very close to the cost of a standard water heater or even paying less!

Imagine: with a high efficiency water heater supplying water to a single-family or duplex home, the cost of running it will be reduced, and you can put that money towards another investment- perhaps a bathroom renovation!

Whether tankless or storage style, high efficiency water heaters are a great investment if you plan to live in your home for a long time. Even if you plan to sell your home in the near future, having energy saving products help to increase the value and desirability of your home during a sale.

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