How Do I Unblock My Toilet?

How do I unblock my toilet?

There is not much that is more embarrassing or horrifying than clogging a toilet. Here’s a guide on how to fix your clogged toilet. You’re welcome.

Tools required:

– Plunger (flange or ball type, not the cup type which is used for bathtubs)
– Toilet auger

sink and tub plungers

These are sink and tub plungers.


The plunger on the right is for toilets.

The reality is though, even with the below fixes, you may just need a new toilet. We’d suggest reading Helpful Habitat’s toilet reviews (, and find one that suits your needs.


Step 1: Don’t try to flush the toilet. It’s tempting to consider that perhaps by some miracle the toilet will unclog itself, but more often than not, this isn’t the case.

Step 2: Grab your plunger and slowly push it to the bottom of the bowl. Fit the plunger around the water drain (hole) and push the plunger up and down rapidly until you feel the blockage release or see the water level drop in the toilet.

Step 3: Don’t flush the toilet yet. Remove the toilet tank lid and very slowly lift the flapper (the seal at the bottom of the tank) to allow some water to enter the toilet bowl. Don’t lift the flapper all the way as this will cause the toilet to flush. If the water leaves the bowl easily as you lift the flapper slowly, then your job is done! If not, move to step 4.

clogged toilet

Step 4: Turn off the water supply to your toilet. The shut off valve is usually visible.

Step 5: Grab the toilet auger. Making sure the auger cable is fully retracted into the handle, put the auger into your toilet so that the curved part where the cable comes out of the handle is facing in the same direction that the toilet drains- either the front or back of the toilet bowl.

Step 6: Advance the auger cable into the toilet drain by cranking with gentle pressure until you feel the cable tighten, or the handle stops turning, as you’ve likely located the toilet clog.

Step 7: Quickly crank the auger to break up the toilet blockage. If you get to a point where you can’t crank it anymore, crank in the reverse direction. Continue cranking until the auger cable has been inserted all the way. Be careful not to be forceful as it may damage your toilet! If you’re in the UK it might work differently, if so, consider talking to a professional similar to what can be found at websites similar to

Step 8: When the stoppage has broken up and you’re able to run the entire auger cable into the toilet, remove the auger and plunge the toilet again.

Step 9: Don’t flush the toilet yet. Repeat Step 3. If the water leaves the bowl easily, then try flushing the toilet.

Step 10: If your toilet flushes normally, turn the water supply back on. Clean your toilet auger outside to avoid contamination. You can spray the cable with a lubricant like WD40 to get rid of remaining water/moisture after it has been cleaned to extend the life of your cables. Finally, hang it by the handle in a warm place to dry.

If you have used the hand auger and your toilet still won’t flush, this indicates that the blockage is further down the pipe and requires advanced tools & techniques to clear. Call us to ask how we can help!