Water Heater Improvements

Myth: New Water Heaters Aren’t Better

“Will a new water heater performs better than my old one?”

Myth #5: Newer water heaters aren’t as good as hot water tanks from “the good old days.”

Getting a new tank is great, particularly when your last one leaked. With regards to new storage hot water tanks, does newer always mean better?

If you purchase a replacement water heater of the same type within 10 years of your last hot water tank purchase, chances are that it will only have a slightly higher efficiency than your old tank. It may be only a few dollars a month, but at least it’s something.

Many people hang on to their water heaters for longer than what is recommended because it hasn’t started to leak. In reality, the tank is wearing down inside and a leak will be inevitable. In these instances, a new water heater may be quite a bit more efficient. How long does a water heater last? The average lifespan of a water heater is 8-10 years, and some insurance companies require that your tank is replaced when the warranty expires to keep your home insurance valid.

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So what can be improved with a new water heater? The water itself. It is recommended to have your tank flushed yearly. This removes sediment and build up from the bottom of your water heater which will eventually corrode your tank over time. Call us to discuss your tank and book annual maintenance today! 604-628-3333

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