How Not to Hire a Plumber Over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

How to Not Hire a Plumber Over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

You’ve probably heard the saying that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers. Well it’s not far off. Fortunately you can save your money and avoid an unnecessary visit by following a few simple tips.

Garbage Disposal

Although garbage disposals are being made tougher all the time, there are still things that you should never put down them. Not on Thanksgiving, not any day!

  • Chicken or turkey fat
  • Bones
  • Potato or carrot peels
  • Cooking oil or oil/fat of any kind
  • Pasta/Rice
  • Onion skins
  • Celery

Seventeen years ago we were celebrating our first Thanksgiving in our newly purchased ‘”first home”. It was also the first time we had ever lived in a home with a garbage disposal. We were in heaven. No more creating umpteen many bags of garbage from food waste, peelings, etc (composting wasn’t a very big thing back then). We peeled potatoes and carrots for 20 people. That’s a WHOLE lot of peels! Down the disposal they went! Imagine the space we saved in our garbage cans! When the time came for clean-up, we noticed that water wasn’t going down the drain and it was actually backing up. We tried to turn on the disposal thinking it still contained peels. The water still wouldn’t go down. We finally broke down and conceded that a call to a plumber had to be made. On Thanksgiving night. After he arrived and had completed his diagnosis, he explained that the peels had formed a plug and he would need to clear the pipe. Once the drain was clear he handed us our bill. IT WAS NOT CHEAP. We needed a visit from a plumber on Thanksgiving evening because thought a garbage disposal was a thing of magic and witchcraft and could chop and destroy anything we put down it. Don’t be like us. Please.


I read a great article the other day suggesting hosts put a garbage can in plain view close to the toilet (if you don’t already have one) to avoid having guests flush un-flushables. What is un-flushable you ask? Anything other than what comes out of your body and toilet paper. Period.

Contrary to popular belief, plumbers don’t like to make calls that can be avoided. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend, watch what’s going down your drains and toilets and enjoy your time with family and friends. We sincerely hope you don’t need to call us!

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Water Heater Rescue!